Unique & Memorable Christmas Party Ideas

December 21, 2015

Christmas holiday celebrations become more fun and exciting due to Christmas parties. There are celebrations and parties all around; at home, in offices and at any place imaginable. If you plan to throw a Christmas party for your loved ones, there are several things you need to do so that all have fun.

Ideas of Fun
Making arrangement for games during Christmas parties is a great way to add fun element. Games are not just for kids or children. Even adults can get a big dose of entertainment through games. Some of the Christmas party games that many love are Snowman build game. Since snow is readily available why not play with Snow. You can ask guests to make Snowman, the winner can be judged on originality and speed. If you don’t like the idea of venturing out on a chilling night, you can play “Christmas Carol Karaoke Night”. You can buy a karaoke set and buy some best Christmas carol CD’s. Just ensure everyone sticks to the theme and the Karaoke night will be full of fun.

Christmas Karoke

The Party Food
A Christmas party reminds of us several delicacies on platter. Before throwing a Christmas party makes sure you decide on the party food that you want to serve. You can divide the food into categories- appetizers, main course, sweet dessert, and hot drinks. The appetizers need to be warm as they serve as an excellent escape from the cold weather. You can decide on miniature servings. Some of the favorite appetizers in Christmas parties are caramelized onions and feta tarts, ham and Swiss croissants, or broccoli and cheese. Whatever you serve as appetizers make them in shape of small wreaths. The items that you can keep as appetizers are limitless.

Hot Drinks
Hot drinks are loved by people during Christmas celebrations. You can keep a hot drinks table at the party where you can serve hot cocoa, tea and coffee. Always keep items like whipped cream, sugar cubes, milk, sweetener and vanilla so that guests can enjoy. For children, you can keep candy canes dipped in hot chocolate. To keep up with the festive theme, Serve beverages in mugs having pictures of Christmas trees, Snowman, and other holiday decorations.

Christmas Party

The Main Course
For the main course, you can keep either ham or turkey. Also keep some side items. Not all people eat meat so keep some vegetarian options for guests. You can keep cranberry sauce that goes well with many vegetarian dishes. Side dish items can include garden salad with several dressing options, fruit platter, macaroni and cheese, or mashed potatoes. Green bean casserole is loved by many and it is one of the favourite at Christmas parties.

The Dessert
There are several options in terms of dessert for Christmas parties. You can make Christmas cookies in various shapes such as trees, stars, angels and other shapes. You can keep the sweet treats in stockings. If you have children at parties, you can give them an opportunity to decorate their own cookies and share them with their friends. You can also make some gingerbread men cookies that are synonymous with Christmas celebrations. If you love brownies, you can make some with Red and Green M&Ms inside. The sugary treats are loved by all and make the Christmas party more special.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Party With An Elegant Theme
The joy of Christmas party is multiplied by several times with a theme. If you want your Christmas party to stand out, you need to think of a theme that keeps the spirit of Christmas alive and kicking. Why not dress up as Santa and his companions. Won’t it be a great fun to have someone dressed as Mrs. Claus, reindeer and other characters that remind us of Christmas celebrations? You can ask someone to dress as Snowman or The Grinch that will add fun. If the Christmas theme does not seem exciting enough there are several other Christmas party themes such as Hollywood theme, Christmas masquerade ball, winter wonderland Christmas party theme. You can also give your guests freedom to choose their own costumes. Won’t it be exciting to see a 1950′s Rock star, a clown, a pirate, toddler Penguin and Santa’s little helper at your Christmas party.

Celebrating Christmas with nativity costumes also brings out the spirit of celebrating Christmas in a true way. You can ask children to dress up as Mary, star of Bethlehem, sheep, angel or traveler, or any biblical character. Regardless of party theme you choose, the main objective of the Christmas party is to have fun and enjoy the gathering of family and friends.