The Thrill of Skydiving & Sea Diving

April 20, 2015

Thrill seekers all around the world dream of the day when they can go skydiving and sea diving. By definition, both of these are categorized as recreational sports. However, those who have been brave enough try out either one of them know that there is a lot more than simply recreation involved with these two. If anything, they should be called adventure sports purely for the insane adrenaline rush that people get from them.

Keeping aside the crazy thrill seekers, there are those who are less keen on seemingly putting their bodies on the line by going skydiving or sea diving. The fear is real indeed. Who wouldn’t be afraid to be flung out of an airplane soaring thousands of metres in the sky or dive deep into the mysterious realms of the ocean? Perhaps the best way of taming this fear of the unknown is by getting to know more about the experiences of people who have skydived or gone sea diving in the past. A lot is to be learned from their experiences. Once you have knowledge of what it feels like to do either one of them, you’ll be in a better position to embrace the challenge.

The sheer joy and ecstasy of those who have tried these before will tempt you to take the leap of faith (quite literally).


Sky Diving

Sky Diving:
If you want to skydive, you can’t simply jump out of a commercial plane. That will be suicidal and somewhat hilarious. There are plenty of professional skydivers who offer skydiving services. Subscribe to one of them and the next thing you know you’ll be in a plane with a bunch of strangers who are all willing to jump 15,000 ft into the thin air. Don’t be worried about the height. Once you cross the 2,000 ft mark, your brain is incapable of processing the distance, as in everything looks the same. Remarkably, this makes it easier for people to jump out of the plane.

It’ll take about 20 minutes of waiting for you to have your turn. You’ll be instructed to sit on your jumper’s lap (kind of awkward), who will then proceed to strap himself or herself firmly to your body. The important thing for first time skydivers is to trust the jumper. They are trained professionals who know very well how to execute the jump perfectly and use the parachute at the right time.

Try to drain out the anxiety and the tension before you take the jump. The idea is to enjoy the 15,000 ft free fall instead of keeping your eyes closed and missing out on the thrill. Focus on controlling your limbs and your breathing. You can then open your eyes and look at the world like you have never seen it before.


Sea Diving

Sea Diving:
Sea diving or scuba diving as it is more commonly known, is a tad bit more difficult than skydiving. You are required to attain a certain degree of training before immersing yourself in the sea. Much like skydiving, there are various professional scuba divers who are more than willing to offer scuba course to you. These courses are usually taught in baby steps. In these courses, you are made to learn how the diving gear works. They will also guide you on how to familiarize with the underwater environment. Lastly, you will be given a set of safety techniques that will help you to navigate the serene waters of the sea without facing any serious problems.

One of the most beautiful things about sea diving or scuba diving is how your senses deceive you. Did you know that breathing can be extremely noisy underwater? Also, your vision underwater can be somewhat compromised mainly because of the scuba masks. With that being said, the sensation of weightlessness and the freedom of movement that you can enjoy underwater is truly priceless. There are very few activities in the world that are as relaxing as scuba diving.

The next time you’re on a vacation, you may want to take some time off the shopping malls and the amusements parks, and have it reserved for the unearthly experiences of scuba diving and skydiving!