WHSmith Discount Codes July 2020


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WHSmith is a well-known company in the United Kingdom for having over 1000 high street stores and stores at public places like airports, train stations, hospitals etc selling books, magazines, newspapers and entertainment products. In fact, it is the first retailer in the world to start the chain of stores. It is also given the entire credit to establish the ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) standard for books.

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Since its inception in 1846, WHSmith has acquired various companies in the past and participates in various joint ventures. It has a worldwide presence now – UK, Ireland, Australia, South East Asia, India and the Middle East and continues to expand rapidly. Along with books, stationary and newspapers, WHSmith continues to partner with various companies to offer its customers a wide range of personalised children’s books, greeting cards and magazine subscriptions.

Apart from the high street stores, WHSmith provides excellent online portal to retain its huge customer base providing benefits like free delivery to and returns from high street stores, free home delivery beyond a certain bill amount, ship products as and when they are in stock instead of a long waiting time. This certainly improves the customer buying experience. Also, one important thing to be noted is WHSmith offers different prices in the store and online portal due to different overheads in the web business.

Saving Tips that Fits Your Budget

Discounts: Lots of WHSmith products are offered at discounted prices and the prices are clearly mentioned against the recommended retail prices. This makes it easy for the customer to compare and buy.

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Promotions and Multi-buy offer:  WHSmith runs various promotions which might be same or the different in the stores. Along with that, it has special multi-buy offers “3 For 2” or “Buy One Get One Free” wherein the lowest priced item is discounted or free. But those are subject to availability. Also, there are various terms and conditions applied on multi-buy offers which can be checked at their website. Looking for product such as stationaries, furniture and much more at a budget friendly cost for your office, then visit our site for huge discount vouchers on office supplies from famous sellers like Staples, The Office Supplies Supermarket.

Special offers section: WHSmith’s online portal offers a separate section on special offers which you can check before finalizing your shopping basket. There are various attractive offers on a wide range of products like up to 90% off! That’s a HUGE discount. Don’t you agree?

Easy returns: WHSmith has a very easy return policy. You can return the stuff at your nearest high street store without worrying much about the returns overhead.

Gift packs & Gift cards: It offers various kinds of gift cards and gift packs which you can registers in only few moments. It also offers achievement award vouchers which are for pupil and student incentive schemes and are a way to convey “Well Done” by offering certain discounts on a specific amount bill. The gift cards are valid for 24 months.