Trunki Discount Codes July 2020


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About Trunki

Trunki is a unique and creative company that allows people to customize a suitcase that’s aimed for children. The suitcases are known as Trunkies, and have a suitably colourful design for children. The brand believes that traveling should be fun, and that is why they have created this product to match that philosophy.

Trunki Logo

Trunki is an award winning company that has received over 100 awards from a wide range of sectors such as nurseries, businesses and design. However, their products have also gone done well with their customer base. The kids love their Trunkies, and the parents are happy that their kids actually love to pack.

The production team at Trunki is a highly creative one that aims to break the barriers of what a typical kids suitcase should be. They are constantly updating the ways in which you can customize their suitcases, which means you can always buy more.

Finally, Trunkies are manufactured in a way that they can be easily taken apart again. This is done to make their products highly recyclable, and therefore environmentally friendly. Trunki is truly a brand that adds a lot of value to the suitcase marketplace by filling the gap in the market.

Trunki Discount Codes To Save More

Trunki offers some great ways for their customers to save money when buying their products. All orders are delivered for free at Trunki. When buying suitcases from most other online retailers there is typically a minimum spending amount that you have to reach before a free delivery is offered.

Trunki Product

Trunki also has a “Gifts and Offers” page that you can visit to get a wide variety of products on sale. You can visit the page here, and you’ll see what the prices were before the sale – this shows how much of a discount you are actually getting. Make sure to visit the page frequently, because it is updated on a regular basis with new offers. If you don’t visit often enough, then you might miss out on some great Trunkies. Baby & Co is one of the leading seller of similar range of kids products with fantastic offers.

Also Trunki conducts competitions for kids. By participating in this competition, kids can win exciting gifts and exclusive offers. Join Trunki newsletter now and get to know about the latest deals and launch of new products. For the benefit of customers Trunki provides 5 years guarantee for all the products it sells. At Trunki, you will find the option of designing your own Trunki where you can choose your favourite colour and design it with your own imagination.