Rebtel Discount Codes July 2020


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About Rebtel

They are a small team, not yet ten years old. Rebtel is a rebellious company with a cause. When they first opened their lines as a start-up company, Rebtel’s original mission was to break the monopoly of large multinationals who continue to disrupt communications with exorbitant and ludicrous pricing schemes that only confuse unwitting buyers.

Rebtel Logo

Today, Rebtel’s generosity and care towards their customers has been rewarded. Annual turnovers for this small in size but large in stature company are approaching the one hundred million dollar milestone. And today they are one of the most successful VoIP companies in the world.

The small team is multicultural. They enjoy life to the full. While the staff complement at head office remains small, their business outreach stretches to units in different corners of the world. The staff at Rebtel work hard. They also play hard. And like their customers, they are well looked after too. They are also on the look-out for new tech-savvy talent. Visit their website to see what jobs are being offered today. Although landing the job is more important, also take a look at the generous benefits they feed the staff.

Smart Shopping with Budget Friendly Offers

Small in size, but big in stature, Rebtel presents new customers with a large bouquet of service offerings. Rebtel is handing out Access Numbers and Phone Cards that allow users to make International Calls at cheap rates. And phoning loved ones while studying abroad never needs to cost the student. Student discounts are offered too.

Rebtel Product

Access Numbers also link users to Free Calls. As an option, Collect Calls can also be collected. This allows for further savings and the prioritization of calls. Hearing disabled callers have not been left out of the loop either. This is a great bonus. Rebtel gives International Texts to customers who prefer not to dial-up. You will find the best services related discount vouchers from well known retailers at our site. By using this vouchers you can save huge on services like finance, hotel & flight booking and much more.

Now, let Rebtel’s record speak for itself. They have a year round high success rate of customer satisfaction. The UK and international online shoppers purchase dozens of pre-paid vouchers at optional rates that suit the budget and the time of year. They also purchase special offers online way before the offer goes live.

You too should also tell your mates about Rebtel because the more your small world of listed (friendly) callers expands, the more free calls you and your pals can make. Be smart and savvy as well. Note Rebtel’s service offering that allows you to connect and dial from your Wi-Fi connection. But if you are new to this vibrant company you never need to be lost in translation. Connect with Rebtel and call (or type) for help and advice.