Preloved Discount Codes July 2020


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About Preloved

Preloved is one of the biggest classified services In UK. It has more than 5.9 million registered members and more than 500 categories. In year 2014, the site witnessed more than £1.4 billion of item value listed on the site. Despite being a classified website, Preloved also has dedicated customer service to help you buy or sell pre-owned items.

Preloved Logo

Preloved is not just dedicated platform to sell and buy pre-owned items. The purpose of the platform is to reduce landfill waste. Landfills are bad for environment. The waste dumped in landfill contaminates water and soil and the hazardous chemicals enter your body through food and water. The best way to reduce landfill waste is selling old items to the person who needs its thus encouraging its reuse.

The website does not charge any fees for listing items for sale. It just acts an as convenient platform where seller meets the buyer and the item changes hand. Preloved mentions the sellers location so if the buyer lives in a nearby area, they can contact and complete the sale. It’s that easy.

Preloved is not only about selling and buying goods. The members of Preloved can join different group as per their subjects of interest. The website also displays ideas and articles thathelp you spruce up the second hand item you buy. Receive more savings by checking out similar range of services voucher on our site.

Guidelines for Savings

Freeloved: There is a saying “Best Things in Life come for Free” and it seems true when you come to Preloved. The Freeloved section contains several items that are just available for free. All you have to do is take a membership of Preloved and you will get priority on the bargains. When you become a member you also get an opportunity to see items that are offered free by people in your neighbourhood.

Preloved Product

Member Rewards: The membership of Preloved is available for free and you get several benefits as a member. The members get an option to Redeem Awards available on the website. The rewards presentedare not old itemsbut bargain offers from leading stores. Preloved members can redeem any number of rewards in the Member Rewards section. No limits and restriction on the amount you can save. Sometimes Preloved just treats every visitor as its member by allowing to Redeem Member Awards without registering on the website. Such offers are available for limited period only but you need not worry as there are no costs involved in getting a membership of Preloved. Envirofone is the store that offers similar voucher codes at reduced price.