payasUgym Discount Codes July 2020


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About PayasUgym

PayasUgym gives you access to largest network of gym, pool and fitness centers in UK. It works for everyone especially for people always on the move. PayasUgym gives you option to buy days passes, bundles or monthly memberships. In every scheme, you get the option to hit the gym whenever you have the time. The pass you purchase can be also shared with your friend and you can also claim a refund by cancelling the pass.

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The refund amount is immediately transferred to your account. Unlike other gym membership that restricts you to a particular gym, PayasUgym gives you option to visit any gym, spas and fitness studio in the fitness network. One of the attractive feature of PayasUgym is it is cheaper by 21% than other gyms.

Health is wealth and exercise is the best way to stay fit. Gym class makes you physically active and leads to healthier future. If you are always on the move including a fitness regime becomes more difficult but with PayasUgym, you can always visit gym when you visit other cities. In majority of the cases, you will always find a fitness club that gives warm welcome to PayasUgym members.

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How it Works? If you are planning to visit any gym for the first time, you have selected the right option by opting for PayasUgym. If you don’t like the gym, you can always choose other gym you like. First you need to take the membership and then you can visit any gym in the biggest network of gym, spas and fitness clubs. With PayasUgym, you don’t need to pay for joining fees to visit any gym in the network, just show your membership ID and get the entry for a workout.

You don’t have to spend a hefty amount for the passes. If you are not sure about PayasUgym, you can opt for a one day pass that allows you to try the gym for one gym session. You can also go for the FitFix5 bundle that gives you option of 5 visits within 30 days. The FitFix5 bundle is 10% discounted than one day pass offer. You can also check out Gym Room for similar deal at discounted price.

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10% Discount on Monthly Membership: When you purchase a monthly pass, you get a 10% discount on the total gym fee. The pass is delivered to your smart phone in form of SMS; you just need to show it to the receptionist to get an entry in the gym you like.

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