Goldsmiths Discount Codes July 2020


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About Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths’ first showroom was launched in the city of Newcastle in 1778. Therefore, it has amassed more than 230 years of experience in the jewelry businesses, which makes it one of the industry leaders. If you are looking for a place to buy top end jewelry form a trusted dealer, then Goldsmiths is a great place to be.

Goldsmiths Logo

In Goldsmiths history there were a few notable occasions. One of them was the ability to be the first jeweller to stock Rolex watches – the premier watch brand in the world. Then they manufactured the Rugby League Trophy in its first season.

Currently Goldsmiths is recognized to be the largest jeweller in the UK. It has stores in all the biggest cities, and 5 in Northern Ireland too. It’s also known as the biggest distribution network for the following watch brands: Gucci, Rolex, Omega and Cartier.

What sets Goldsmiths apart from the rest of the competition is their attention to detail. The employees across the stores are very knowledgeable about the jewellery, which makes a world of difference. That’s because you can actually ask a few questions during the buying process, and in return you’ll get some intelligent answers.

Goldsmiths Discount Codes To Save More

Goldsmiths offers a free next day delivery service regardless of how much you spend. For some items you can even quality for a free next day delivery, which is a great when you compare what other online jewellers offer. Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, visit our site for stylish accessories discount codes.

Goldsmiths Product

Goldsmiths also has a preowned section that you can take advantage of to some money. The items in that section are just as good quality as the new products. However, because they are second hand you will be receiving a discount. The items in that section will differ as time goes on. Fortunately, since Goldsmiths is such a popular jewellers you’ll find a large number of preowned items to choose from. Also you can shop at Pia Jewellery and Gemondo Jewellery who are expert in selling fine collection of jewellery and top brand watches.

You can also have interest free credit from Goldsmiths for a selected number of years. Therefore, if you don’t have the cash to buy a present, you can pay for it later at Goldsmiths. There is a limit to the credit, which also changes depending on when you take advantage of the offer. The limit is there to prevent you from spending too much, which can easily happen, because some of the products at Goldsmiths can be quite expensive.