Selecting Clothes That Suit Your Personality

July 8, 2015

Getting dressed up is easier when you know which dresses will look good on you. A woman’s body falls into one of four categories – circle (thick around the middle), hourglass (curvy but evenly proportioned), triangle (larger at the bottom) and rectangle (straight up and down).

If your body type falls into the circle category, you should avoid wearing waist cinching tops or high rise pants with belts. You can select slim-cut pants and pair it with blouse, or a tunic. Select clothes that have relaxed cut glides over stomach. An empire waist type top or clothing where the waistline rests just below the bust will camouflage the stomach. If your body type falls into the triangle category, you should avoid skinny jeans, oversized sweaters. You can go for flat widening pants in the Jeans and Trouser section. A structured jacket or a boat neck top will accentuate your figure and make your body look for curvy and proportionate. A line skirt will also look good on you.

Different Body Shapes

If you are blessed with an hour glass figure, you should avoid baby doll dresses, tunics or oversized cardigans. High waist pants or a wrap dress will draw attention to the curves. A V-neck top and a pencil skirtwill look good on you. Always look for clothes that accentuate your hips andnatural curves. The rectangular body type is considered more boyish and hence you should avoid dresses that are flowyor unstructured around waist. Boot cut pants, nipped in blazer, fitting jacket or a feminine top will look good on you.

How Clothes Affect The Way You Look?

Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable in clothes even if they look good aesthetically. You may hear people commenting how the clothes look good on you but the discomfort can be seen on your face and you look more like a fashion victim.
You need to always stay true with your clothing personality and the confidence will show on your face. When you are confident, people will notice the difference.

Get To Know Your Fashion Persona:

You should take some time to know your fashion persona as it will help you become aware of where you stand in your fashion journey. It will also tell if you want to continue with your current personal style and whether it truly reflects who you are.

Different Clothing Styles:

There are general 6 different styles of clothing personalities or fashion personas – Classic, Dramatic, Trendy, Natural, Romantic and Creative. The fashion industry will continue to evolve but the fashion personas are more likely to remain the same. The characteristics of each fashion persona are different and it is reflected by the types of clothes you wear.
For example, the woman with Classic fashion persona appears more polished while the girl with romantic fashion persona looks more demure and sweet. Let’s look at more details about different fashion personas.

Clothing Personalities

Classic Clothing Personality
A woman with Classic clothing personality like more neutral colors like black, navy blue, beige, and gray. Such fashion personas prefer clothing with straight lines and soft drapings. Women with classic fashion personas like to keep their outfit simple, business like and timeless. This fashion persona also has a natural tendency to match accessories with clothes.

Trendy Clothing Personality
Women with Trendy clothing persona like to wear all kind of trends and have less inclination towards traditional fashion. They follow the trends when they are hot and manage to look good. Women with Trendy clothing persona will always try to keep themselves updated with new trends and are mostly trendsetters amongst their friends. They are very spontaneous while choosing new clothes and they select new trendy clothes on impulse.

Dramatic Clothing Personality
Women with Dramatic clothing personality appear seductive and sensual. They are confident and show authority through way of dressing. Generally, they give a look that is bold and demanding. Women of Dramatic fashion persona select clothes that are skin revealing or body hugging. Dramatic style personas choose bold colors and they like to convey confidence from their skin.

Natural Clothing Personality
Women with Natural clothing personality stay away from fussy clothes. Such women like clothes that are softly tailored. These fashion personalities like clothes with few details and value functionality and comfort. For example, wearing denim jeans with a white dress shirt looks minimalistic which is loved by such fashion personas.

Romantic Clothing Personality
Women with Romantic fashion persona are romantic and value their femininity. Clothes that accentuate feminine details catch their attention. Such women like to wear clothes with ruffles, laces, and pleats. These fashion personas like to wear soft colors. Romantic clothing personas like fabrics silk and chiffon that graciously flow over the body.

Creative Clothing Personality
Women with creative clothing personality give preference to unconventional fashion. They like to create clashes with their outfits but they carry the look easily with their confidence. They often use unusual colors and combinations and like creating their own style statement.