Easy & Fast Cooking Appliances for Your Kitchen

August 11, 2015

Appliances hold an important place in kitchen and every woman would surely like to have kitchen appliances that are easy to use and cut down cooking time. Let’s take a look at some awesome kitchen appliances that are definitely worth buying. Check out some of below kitchen appliances for easy and fast cooking.

Food Processor:

It is one of the multi-tasking kitchen tools that hold an important place in modern kitchen.The appliance has different types of blades and attachments that simplify important tasks such as pureeing, chopping, grinding, making dough, and shredding. With food processor in your kitchen, you will never complain about cooking as a time consuming process. The things you can do with food processor are amazing; you can puree soups and sauces, grind meat, make homemade mayonnaise, grind nuts, shred cheese and do lots of other things that are related to making preparation for dishes.

Microwave Oven:

Microwave oven has been one of the oldest kitchen appliances that still hold an important place inkitchen.Until last decade, microwave was only considered useful to heat frozen foods and leftovers but now you can find several recipes that allow you to cook elaborate meals using this appliance. One of the biggest advantages of using microwave oven is it cuts down cooking time and also saves energy.You will be surprised by the number of breakfast and meal items that you can make in a microwave oven. Some of the dishes that you can cook in microwave oven are crispy microwaved bacon, vegan muffin, French toast, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, potato chips and lot more.

Microwave Oven

Miele MasterChef Convection Speed Oven:

It is one of the finest cooking appliances that can help you cook in the fast lane. The oven combines three different technologies used in cooking – microwave, convection and infrared.The infrared radiation and microwave cooks the food evenly from inside while the convection browns the food from the outside. The appliance has residual heat cooking system that calculates the heat needed to cook the food.

NuWave Infrared Oven:

If you do not have the budget to install a microwave oven, you can consider installing NuWave infrared oven. It uses the combination of convection and infrared to speed up cooking. The NuWave infrared oven has a heating chamber like a convection oven where the air is circulated around the food to brown it from outside while the infrared radiation cooks the food from inside and saves time. The NuWave infrared oven is also ideal for last-minute meal preparation as it cuts down cooking time by a third. The process of cooking food is also easy; you can straightaway keep solid frozen foods in the heating chamber and start cooking.

Splendid Multi-Pressure Cooker by Fagor:

Nothing beats the pressure cooker when it comes to cooking. The Multi-pressure cooker delivers more heat than regular cooking on a stove as water boils at a higher temperature under pressure. This considerably reduces cooking time and also reduces energy consumption. The Fagor multi-pressure cooker has five pieces that allows you to steam, pressure cook or slow cook in the same appliance.



It is one of the versatile gadgets that has been important kitchen appliance for many years. Blender helps in completing several kitchen tasks in a faster manner thus saving valuable time. It is a perfect appliance to prepare soups, sauces, drinks and ice crushing. All you have to do is fill in all ingredients in the blender and you will get uniformly broken and blended ingredients in a jiffy. Blender is quite useful to makedrinks as it uniformly distributes the flavor in the liquid. Within few seconds of operation, you can convert ice cubes into ice chips. The appliance is easy to store and also dishwasher safe.

Viking high-speed Convection Oven:

The Viking high speed convection oven is specifically designed tocook food five times faster than regular convection ovens. The air inside this convection oven flows at a speed of 44 miles an hour to cook faster.This high speed oven uses combination of microwave and high-speed air to cook and brown food in a faster manner.

Aroma Gourmet Rice & Pasta Cooker:

The Aroma Gourmet Rice & Pasta Cooker allows you to cook several dishes simultaneously thereby saving time. This kitchen appliance has easy-to-use digital controls that allow you to steam vegetables, fish, and poultry while cooking rice simultaneously. It has a stainless steel colander that can be used to boil vegetables or pasta while a separate stainless steel insert can be used for steaming rice.

Krups Fully Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine:

If you love freshly brewed coffee, then Krups Fully Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine is an important kitchen appliance for you.It can provide you with afreshly brewed cup of coffee or espressoin variety of sizes at a push of button. The appliance automatically empties last grind and is always ready to brew next cup of coffee.