Challenges in Students’ Life & Ways to Meet Them

December 23, 2015

They say the best part of your life is the part when you are a student. Student life or rather campus life is that phase in any person’s life when he/she first moves out of school and into the world of opportunities. It is the time to learn, build friendships, and develop life goals and well-do a lot of multitasking. Yes, one of the challenges that every student has to face is to manage the countless activities in a balanced way. Even the 24 hours of a day don’t seem enough when you are a student of a college or university. This is where the importance of time management and multitasking comes into play.

A student’s life is a mixture of sweet experiences and hard schedules. From managing the project deadlines to preparing for exams and from doing all the household chores to financing yourself for your future, there is a lot to do and very little time to do it.  There are too many challenges on the way but several ways to meet them as well. The following is a list of some of the main challenges that a college student may have to face.

  • Academic Challenges

When you move to a college from school, the level of academic difficulties and vastness of the syllabus suddenly increases.  Afterall, this is your first serious step towards meeting your life and career goals.  The classes are longer, the exams are much more difficult and projects aplenty.  It can thus be difficult to create a schedule in such a way so that all the academic demands can be met.

  • Finding the Right University/Course

Apart from the academic challenges, one of the most indecisive things on a student’s mind is about finding the perfect course in a good university. With multiple options open, tons of suggestions dropping in and your BFFs parting from you, it’s really difficult to choose the right path. Fortunately, you can always turn to websites like & for guidance. They will help you finding course according to your interest field, provide you with latest UNI prospectus and statistical data.

Students Challenges
  • Financial Challenges

In most parts of the world, as soon as you turn 18 or join college, you are on your own and are required to handle the financial part of your life independently. The initial few years of college life can thus be slightly tough as far as meeting financial demands are concerned. From paying for accommodation to paying for education and from supporting your daily life, managing finances and still being afloat can be tricky.

  • Social & Daily Demands

Besides managing finances and balancing academics, one also has to build relationships, manage friendships and find time out for a social life. Afterall, without friends and social life, who has ever been able to survive the challenges of life? Apart from this, a student may also need to complete all household chores like washing clothes, ironing them, buying groceries, cooking and what not!

  • Planning For the Future

Amid the chaos and daily madness, a student needs to take time out to plan his/her future and career goals.  The present can be packed but for an organised future, planning needs to be done well in advance and this is another responsibility a student has to fulfil. Only with some advance planning can one stay ahead in the game and beat the competition.

How to overcome the challenges? The pressure of campus life can be very overwhelming but one has to find ways to balance the act and overcome the challenges.  There are many amazing ways for you accomplish each of these tasks and that too brilliantly. Read on to find out how:

  • Take Time to Get Used to New Environment

It is important not to go into the frenzy mode from the first day at the university. Students must take time to get used to the new environment and ease into it calmly. Get to know the teachers, the classmates, your room mates and different aspects of your college schedule.

  • Make Realistic Budgets

It is important for students to set monthly budgets and stick to them. This will help avoid unnecessary expenditures and also save enough.  The budget must be achievable and also practical to your financial position.

Students Budget
  • Take the Help of University & Student Programs

In order to find opportunities for internships, scholarships and other student activities, consider taking the help of the university and its student programs. There are many platforms like and which can help you find solutions to many of your on-campus needs. This is likely to provide you a lot of relief.

  • Prepare a Time Table for Yourself

Remember that planning and scheduling can help you meet most of your goals. Thus after a week or two of acquainting yourself with the environment, prepare a practical time table or schedule for yourself as this can help divide time into blocks and give you small goals to meet rather than one big one.