Celebrating Easter On A Budget

March 30, 2015

Easter is the perfect spring celebration. The colourful eggs, smiling children and tasty Easter treats are enough of a reason to throw a party, but as you know, parties can quickly make a big dent to your budget.

But you can also ensure your Easter celebration doesn’t cost a fortune by taking advantage of the following quirky saving tips. So, if you are looking to have your Easter celebration on a budget, then look at these ideas and tips.

Easter Celebration

1. Make Your Own Easter Decorations

DIY is one of the easiest ways to save money – and it makes decorating a bit more fun as well! Your home most likely has most of the basic ingredients you need to make bright and fun Easter decorations, guaranteeing you’ll spend next to nothing to get your home ready for the spring party.

Easter eggs, for example, are the symbol for Easter decorations. But instead of buying plastic eggs from the shop, use real eggs for a quirkier decoration idea! You can use the eggs as normal for your breakfast omelettes or Easter cakes and still have the shells to decorate your house.

There’s plenty of ways to decorate with real eggs. You can paint them, make tea infused marble eggs, or glue a bit of sparkling glitter on the eggshells. Place the decorated eggs inside glass vases or jars, or inside wooden baskets. If you carefully crack open just the top part of the egg, you can use the eggshells for growing simple grass and to create your own Easter garden, or even make beautiful eggshell candles by utilising the wax from your leftover candles.

Fresh flowers are also an essential part of Easter decorating, especially as nature is starting to bloom. But instead of spending your money on real daffodils, craft paper daffodils together with the kids!

Easter Decoration

2. Easter Egg Hunt on a Budget

The kids will be looking forward to the Easter egg hunt and the event can be a fun thing for the whole family to take part in. Once again, you can save a lot of money by using real eggs instead of buying readily decorated ones. If you want the eggs to be a bit sturdier, then use hardboiled eggs.

Organise the hunt together with all the families in the neighbourhood and buy Easter chocolates in bulk to save money. You could also bake simple chocolate-cereal treats, which can cost a lot less than buying treats from the shop.

Furthermore, instead of buying gifts for the kids, give your time as a treat. For instance, it could be a guarantee to go for ice cream the next week or to play the child’s favourite board games. Even a guarantee to organise a sleepover party for friends can act as the treat!

Easter Egg Hunt

3. Throw a Potluck Party

If you are looking to invite friends and family over, then don’t worry about cooking and baking all the treats yourself. An Easter celebration is perfect opportunity for a potluck party. Potluck party sees everyone bring in one dish, which can save a lot of money.

In order to ensure your potluck party on a budget goes according to plan, ask people for a specific dish beforehand. For instance, one person could bring Easter cupcakes for dessert, while someone could prepare vegetables for grilling at your home.

4. Pick Easter Menu on Budget

If you don’t feel like throwing a potluck party, you can still organise a tasty dinner without spending your entire weekly food budget at once. Easter food is all about hearty flavours, but it doesn’t always mean you need to spend money on an expensive leg of lamb and roasted potatoes.

Instead, opt for a hearty Shepherd’s Pie or create a tasty Ham and Potato Casserole. These are not only simple recipes to cook, but they have that Easter flavour to them. Bake your own potato bread to finish off your dinner!

For dessert, make a simple lemon cake or caramelise some pears and apples for a simple treat and serve with some whipped cream.

Whatever your menu, make sure you know how to use any leftovers you may have later in the week. There are tons of great recipes online for finishing off leftover leg of lamb or ham roast and potatoes.

The key for Easter celebration on a budget is all about making use of the things you already have in the house and planning your decorations and food. Even if you want to buy things from the shop, look for discounts and make sure you buy something you know you’ll use and need.

Easter celebration on a budget is possible to achieve – in fact, you’ll have a lot more fun following the above tips than shopping for expensive things from shops!