Budget Friendly Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

May 13, 2015

Summer is the time to cheer and soak up in the sun. From 2013 onwards British summer has been witnessing an unusual turn. Temperature is touching as high as 34˚C by breaking its previous records. Heat waves are becoming ruthless and making people impatient. We all have to take care of some basic knowledge to be fit and to battle against the heat.


Summer demands your wardrobe to be rearranged and reinvented. Have a look at following tips:

  • Natural fabrics like Cotton and linen are your friends during the summer to beat that scorching heat. All your formals, casuals must be made of these two fabrics as they soak sweat and keep the body cool.
  • Avoid wearing tight cloths because they don’t let your skin breath. Tights trap moisture and make your body the breading ground of fungus, which may lead to skin irritation and rashes if your skin is sensitive.
  • Loose cloths keep body cool by letting air pass through it.
  • Choose colours wisely and avoid darker shades. Have a look at summer fashion trends, you will find that designers mostly use lighter shades of every colour.
  • White is a colour that has an eternal appeal throughout different occasions and seasons. During summer, choose white as it reflects run rays and keeps body cool.
  • If you are not bound by any dress code then jump to your sandals or casuals. Women may put up their gladiators, sandals; smaller heels where men may also go for slip ons, sandals etc.
  • Apart from clothing, do not forget to carry three things when you are out. Sunglasses scarf or hat.
Summer Clothing


Your eating habit may end up creating excess heat in your body as foods are meant for charging our body cells. Green foods get digested easily in our stomach and take lesser time than Non-veg foods. So, go vegan this summer and try these suggestions:

  • Eat plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Fruits and fruit juices are the real drink during the summer. Eat whole fruits instead of taking just their juices. Normally food processors extract out fibers which is important for our body.
  • Avoid aerated drinks as they only increase calories and sugar in your body.
  • Natural drinks promote better digestion and immunity.
  • Eat salads with every meal.
  • Eat curd with a pinch of salt to keep your system cool.


In UK summer is comprised of heat waves and thunderstorms. So, you have to carry an umbrella or rain coat if you are going to spend most of your time outside.  It is the ideal time when you can flaunt your true sense of style. Accessories in summer should be little, light and low. Here are some suggestions for looking cool in this hot summer:

  • Summer means wearing shorts, skirts, capri pants, short dresses, bikinis etc.
  • Go with minimal accessories like an anklet, wristlet, body chains, arm cuffs, ear cuffs etc.
  • Wear big eye shades to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Men can go out with hats, bright coloured belts, and face flattering eye shades.
Summer Accessories


Our skin is the mirror of our health. Good skin reflects sound health and better life style. In UK summer means soaking up in the sun when mercury crosses 20˚C. Don’t turn this thing of delight into source of lifelong sorrow.  Global warming and depletion of ozone layer has given easy passage to harmful ultraviolet rays to enter our atmosphere. Extensive exposure of UV rays cause skin cancer and ageing. Follow next points to protect your skin from harsh rays:

  • Use good quality sun block cream, lotion or spray before going for a sun bath.
  • Consult dermatologist to know what amount of SPS (Sun Protecting Factor) you sunscreen cream or lotion should contain.
  • Do not compromise with quality for price as nothing can bring you back your skin if it gets affected.
  • Those, who have sensitive skin should choose skin care products wisely and always check whether you are allergic to it.
  • Apply suns cream 20 mints before going under sun
  • Reapply the sun block after every two hours to get best protection.
  • Use separate sun block for eyes.

Name of some top rated suns creams are Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess SPF 30, Ambre Solaire Face Protect SPF30, Clinique Face Cream SPF30, Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Suncare Lotion SPF15, Lancaster Sport Multi Protection Cream & Stick SPF30, Ultrasun High 30SPF Super Sensitive Family Formula, Nuxe Milky Spray for Face and Body SPF 20 etc.

Summer Clothing


In hot and humid conditions, hair is prone to get greasy and dirty. During summer holydays hair gets tortured by harsh sunrays, sand and saline water of the sea. As a result hair looks life less and rough. Avoid such heart beaks during holydays and carry good quality hair products to keep your hair vibrant and silky. You can also use hair masks to rejuvenate damaged hair. Always use conditioner after shampooing to keep hair hydrated. Some quality brands that can be useful are:

  • Matrix Biolage Color care therapy Shine Shake,
  • Aveda’s Sun Care After-sun Hair Masque,
  • Paul Mitchell’s Color Protect Locking Spray,
  •  KeraStraight Protect Sun Protection Spray,
  • Redken’s Color Extend Take Cover SPF25 Sunscreen
  • Mark Hill’s Holiday Hair Cover Up! Protection Spray

Beauty Apps

Beauty apps are essential part of women’s life today. There are plenty of android and IOS apps to guide you and bring you best products under your fingers. If you prefer only herbal products then these apps will take you to your choicest destinations. The kind of information these apps delivers are:

  • Know about a product before wasting your hard earned money on it.
  • Useful makeup tips for different occasions
  • Dress up and upload your snap to show your daily looks and also tag brands.
  • Find our reviews of different brands offer, deals

Some apps that may excite you are Think Dirty, Pretty In My Pocket (PRIMP), Veeemotion, Make-up Genius by L’Oreal,  Ask Bobbi, Pose, Cloth , Lovethis etc. Summer is fun when you avoid sun and protect yourself from harsh sun rays.